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Pendant lighting by Authentage: be surprised by unique designs

Are you looking for a pendant lamp that perfectly suits your living room, dining room or bedroom? With a tasteful pendant lamp, a space is optimally lit. The pendant lamp is in any case an important determiner of atmosphere, regardless of the style in which you buy a pendant lamp. At Authentage, we are happy to help you find a suitable pendant lamp for indoors or outdoors, standard or custom-made. With a large collection of pendant lamps, you will always succeed in your search for a traditional classic or modern classic pendant lamp.

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Pendant lamp: the basic lighting in every interior

A pendant lamp is also seen as the basic lighting in a certain space. Because a pendant lamp often hangs high, a room or space in the house is optimally lit. In addition, a pendant lamp is also ideal for hanging above a dining table (at eye level) in order to illuminate the table as desired. With countless pendant lamps in our range, we offer a beautiful solution for every type of interior. For example, scroll through our range of pendant lights for the kitchen and find the perfect one for your home.

What types of pendant lamps are there? 

You can choose from pendant lamps with a beam that is suitable for illuminating an area, such as above a dining table. There are also pendant lamps that emit light all around and are therefore more suitable for illuminating a hallway for instance. Furthermore, there are also pendant lamps that only serve as mood lighting. But you can also find a combination of functional lighting (spotlights or LED strip built in) with candle LED technology combined for atmosphere at Authentage. Depending on the function, there are various styles available, always with a classic, rural, romantic or industrial touch.

Why you should choose a pendant of Authentage

Authentage always offers you lamps with an authentic and high-quality design. This applies both to a pendant lamp for your interior and for outside under a roof, for example a pool house. We combine durable and high-quality materials with the latest lighting technology. Moreover, all our pendant lamps are handmade in our workshops near Antwerp. Do you prefer custom work? Authentage thinks along with you about the possibilities for the perfect pendant for your interior or terrace.

Timeless lighting for indoors and outdoors

Are you looking for a pendant lamp for your covered patio? Or do you want a design pendant lamp for your living room or bedroom? For timeless indoor and outdoor lighting, you've come to the right place. With our indoor and outdoor products, we offer everyone a suitable range in the search for pendant lighting. 

Find a suitable pendant lamp at Authentage

Do you want a suitable pendant lamp for the dining room or just a striking pendant lamp in the bedroom? You will find the nicest pendant lamp for your home at an Authentage dealer in your region. At Authentage, we work with brass, a durable material that retains its authentic look, even when installed outside. Our pendant lamps are resistant to all weather conditions. As for the finishing colours, you can choose from bronze, brushed nickel and chrome. Whatever lamp you are looking for, our team and our distributors are always ready to help you in the best possible way. So let our passion and expertise inspire your search for a pendant lamp.