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Modern lighting by Authentage with atmosphere and character

Want to illuminate a modern interior in an appropriate way? Then be sure to check out Authentage's collections of contemporary luminaires. Authentage presents itself as a timeless and classic brand, but at the same time, many of the brand's luminaires fit perfectly into a modern style.

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Our collections combine high-quality, sustainable materials with the latest lighting technology.
Our products are hand-assembled in Antwerp which enables customisation.

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Lighting in modern classic style by Authentage

At Authentage, we like to talk about a "modern classic style". In this context, take a look at the luminaires from the ALB series, for example. These are sleek, but at the same time have a warm and cosy look. The Balume spotlights, on the other hand, are discreetly designed, making them stand out in both modern and classic interiors. The Pipilier, with its sleek and columnar look, is also popular with contemporary interior designers, as are the luminaires in the Q-Bri and Tubelum ranges. In addition, Aureole and Lit are also very timeless collections.

Modern lighting with a sleek look 

What stands out about the above modern classic lighting is that the look is just a little tighter compared to Authentage's other collections. This manifests itself, for example, in the limited use of visible screws. On the other hand, each of the above lighting elements shows a clear attention to detail. The craftsmanship that precedes the result also makes each luminaire unique of its kind. 

Modern lighting with a bronze look

Want to light up a sleek interior with luminaires from Authentage? Then we recommend you choose the bronze version of the luminaires. These bronze luminaires have a dark, almost black, undertone that perfectly suits a contemporary interior or exterior.

Luminaires with a modern look for indoors and outdoors

Authentage's modern classic-style lighting includes luminaires for indoors and outdoors. These include pendant lamps, wall lamps, outdoor lamps, reading lamps and floor lamps. The ALB-Ground on Pole and the ALB Matisse use alabaster, which provides a luxurious touch that feels contemporary. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine the contemporary design world without alabaster.

Handmade modern lighting with Belgian design

Authentage's modern lighting is completely handmade. Authentage stands for a unique Belgian design and we also assemble the luminaires in our own country. Authentage uses timeless and high-quality materials. We combine this with the latest lighting technology. Thanks to the warm light, you enjoy the desired atmosphere at the right time of day. If your modern interior requires something specific, we at Authentage provide appropriate customisation.

Check out Authentage's modern classic lighting for your project

As an interior designer or garden architect, do you want modern lighting for one of your projects, but at the same time find artisanal fixtures a nice starting point for your work? Then check out Authentage's modern-style lighting. Our lighting is ideal for homes, restaurants and hotels. If you are an individual looking for beautiful modern lighting with a soul, check out the outlets on our Store Locator.