Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting fixtures from Authentage: tough and at the same time durable in every interior

Authentage is a Belgian lighting manufacturer with industrial lighting fixtures. Typical for the industrial lighting of Authentage is the presence of screws, clips and frames combined with metal pieces. These elements give an industrial and robust look to our fixtures. Check out, for example, the Centonze, the Maroon, the Vitrine, the Vitrine Petite or Barron collections. If you choose a pendant lamp from this series, the chain of the fixture also adds an extra industrial touch. The metal used stands for a tough and durable look.

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Industrial fixtures combined with LED lighting

At Authentage, we provide industrial lighting fixtures with LED lighting. This type of lighting gives a warm light and is also durable and energy efficient. Whether you choose hanging lamps, ceiling lamps or floor lamps: each fixture from Authentage gives your interior a rustic and yet industrial look.

Lighting that was originally used in industrial environments

The term "industrial lighting" refers to the type of lighting used in factories and workshops during the industrial revolution. Like the rest of the furnishings in factories, the lighting had to be functional and strong. Now, industrial lighting fixtures are indispensable in residential projects or, for example, restaurants and hotels. Whether in a modern decorated building or in a rural home or residence, the industrial style of Authentage fits. The lighting can either match the chosen style and materials in the home, or contrast nicely with them. In either case, the fixtures with an industrial look provide the perfect atmosphere. 

More than just functional lighting

One thing is certain, industrial lighting is more than just functional lighting. That is why Authentage tries to create the right atmosphere at any time of day with the industrial lighting fixtures. Both in the evening to give a nice accent in a room or at dusk to keep the darkness out for a while. Because the assembly takes place in Belgium, we at Authentage also give a local and Belgian character to the trend of industrial light.

Industrial lighting fits into any room of the house

Whether in the dining room, living room, kitchen or bedrooms, you can create beautiful and original interiors with fixtures with an industrial look from Authentage. Any interior gets instant character with a beautiful fixture with industrial look from Authentage.

The standard color for industrial fixtures is bronze

The standard color that has the most success with our industrial fixtures is bronze. This material gives a unique black and at the same time bronze look that fits perfectly in a rustic, vintage or in a sleek interior. In addition, typical standard colors for an industrial look are for example brushed nickel, chrome or polished brass.

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If you are an interior designer or landscaper, please contact us for more information. You can contact us for purchases on a project basis. If you wish, we can help you choose the right fixtures to create an industrial look.As an end customer, you can use our store locator to find a dealer near you. We will be happy to tell you who is best able to help you.