Hallway lighting

Well-chosen lighting makes your hallway a real gem

A hallway is the business card of your home, office or company. That is why it is important to pay the necessary attention to the design of this space. Hallway lighting is essential for this. In addition to stylish furniture and beautiful wall decorations, lighting in the hall is a guarantee of turning your reception area into a real gem.

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Which lighting do you choose for your hall?

Clear and good lighting is important in every hallway. Here we are talking about a functional aspect, where, for example, you have a good view of the access to the other rooms or of the stairs, which are often located in the hall. Thanks to functional lighting in the hall, you can also find your coat, for example, which you have hung up on a coat rack in the hall. A central pendant lamp or a pendant lamp near a high ceiling is ideal as central lighting. Spot lighting is also a common choice, especially with high ceilings.

Lighting in the hallway makes for a cosy entrance for guests

Lighting in the hallway should also simply provide a cosy entrance. It is hospitable to welcome people into a pleasantly lit room. If you want to go for cosiness, wall lighting is ideal. Here at Authentage, you have the choice between normal or up and down wall lighting. If you have works of art in your hall or other eye-catchers, then accent lighting with artificial lighting above the painting or spot lighting from the ceiling is possible.

Authentage: specialist in lighting for the hallway

These and various other types of lighting for the hallway are a speciality of Authentage. Authentage stands for a completely Belgian design and handmade lighting for the hall. The assembly of the lighting is also done in their own country. Typical for all lighting from Authentage is the combination of timeless and high quality materials with the most recent lighting technology. Thanks to our lighting, you can create the desired atmosphere in the hall at any time of day. Especially if you opt for warm, white light, you get an instant cosy effect.

Deep colour shades that change according to the time of day

Bronze is the most common colour in the Authentage collection. This is a colour that you will find in our range as standard, alongside brushed nickel, chrome and polished brass, for example. Other eye catchers as hall lighting from Authentage are, for example, industrial fittings with glass (our showcase collection), where you can place a lamp of your choice to, for example, choose for a lot of light or for a rather soft atmosphere. Ceiling spots, ceiling sconces, built-in or semi-recessed spots are possible on several circuits to be functional and atmospheric. Small lamps that you can incorporate in a staircase or on the side of a staircase are also part of the possibilities at Authentage.

As an interior designer, check out the possibilities for lighting in your hallway at Authentage

Are you looking for a specific form of lighting for your project that you haven't seen anywhere else? Be sure to contact us to discuss the possibilities of custom-made lighting. That way, you know that as a professional, you can always call on us.