Dining table lighting

Dining table lighting contributes to cosiness and atmosphere

Lighting above your dining table not only contributes to cosiness, but also creates the right atmosphere during meals. Therefore, warm and atmospheric light is always preferred. Always think carefully about the effect you want to create with lighting, and how the interior of your home is composed.

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Modern or rustic lighting above your dining table: everything is possible at Authentage

Would you like modern lighting above your dining table? Or do you prefer rustic lighting? It is all possible! At Authentage, we have a large selection of designer lighting that you can hang in your kitchen or above a dining table in your home. In this article, we give you some examples of lighting fixtures and their application.

Choose LED lighting for lighting over a dining table

As for any type of lighting, LED lighting is ideal above a dining table. A lamp with 450 lumens provides the necessary atmosphere, while a lamp with 750 lumens is perfect for cooking and working in the kitchen.

Do you opt for a pendant lamp? Then, when choosing the fixture above your dining table, make sure the pendant lamp is less wide than the table itself to achieve the desired lighting effect. To avoid glare, you should also take into account that the underside of the lamp should always be at eye level. 

The ideal length and height of your dining table lighting therefore depend on the height and size of the table. In general, you can say that a lamp should hang between 60 and 70 cm above the dining table. This is then measured from the top of the table top to the bottom of the lamp.

The Bellefeu Suspension: design lighting above your dining table

The Bellefeu Suspension is an atmospheric fixture that perfectly suits a country interior and a country dining table. This luminaire is available in bronze. Other RAL colours are always available on request. The Bellefeu Suspension has some standard sizes, but can also be made to measure. For example, you can combine two above larger dining tables.

The Tubelum Suspension: atmosphere in a bronze suspended luminaire

The Tubelum Suspension, on the other hand, is an atmospheric suspended luminaire with movable light source where you determine the atmosphere yourself.

Elegance and Elébase Suspension: elegant and sophisticated luminaires for any rural pool house

The Elegance and Elébase Suspension are stylish fittings and are ideal for those who love fittings in chrome, brushed nickel or bronze, but equally in other RAL colours. A piece with several light points or a combination of these luminaires with spotlights to give your kitchen or living room a total lighting concept, the choice is yours.

Spot lighting above your dining table can be "on track" or "on profile

Be sure to check out the possibilities of spot lighting on track or on profile. Spot lighting on track means that you place a rail on the ceiling from which a spotlight hangs. You can then change the position of this spotlight if you wish. "On profile" means that the spotlights have a fixed base. You can then direct the spotlights where you want.

Check the possibilities of dimmable lighting

The possibilities for lighting a dining table are endless at Authentage. For example, be sure to check out the possibilities of dimmable lighting. Dimming the lighting can be a real mood enhancer after finishing a meal, allowing you to light the dining table in a more discreet way. 

Authentage is a Belgian brand of handmade lighting fixtures. We combine timeless and quality materials with the latest lighting technologies. Thanks to our dimmable light, you can create the right lighting effect at any time of day.