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Made-to-measure and designer lighting by Authentage

Are you looking for designer lighting, and do you prefer custom work for your project? Then you're in the right place at Authentage. With us, there is room for customization and your own design. Because we assemble the fixtures by hand in Belgium, we often provide a surprising and authentic design. We do not describe our design as austere, although it is perfectly possible to use our fixtures in modern interiors. It is precisely the contrast that makes a beautiful total concept possible. We view design as timeless fixtures with a unique character using high quality materials. Long thought is given to the design, resulting in innovative and environmentally friendly creations.

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Our collections combine high-quality, sustainable materials with the latest lighting technology.
Our products are hand-assembled in Antwerp which enables customisation.

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Lighting that deserves to be seen

Design lighting is a specialty of Authentage. But what can you understand by design lighting? For us, design means that quality is paramount. And quality in itself is a versatile concept. First and foremost, we pay attention to a beautifully designed product in all its facets. The visible part, but also what you do not see is well thought out. Thus, design lighting is much more than just a beautifully designed lamp.

For Authentage, design lighting also means that the lighting fixtures may be seen. The unique design and presentation is the result of a creative process in which we give the necessary value to the product, the technical qualities and the user experience. Design is often described with the term "tight". With us, this is less true. Our design lighting is timeless, innovative, but above all unique.

Design lighting with bronze as the main color

The most popular color is bronze. This shade looks like black, but is in fact bronze. However, the black has a deeper underlying bronze tint. Other colors you often see at Authentage are polished brass, brushed nickel and chrome. These shades are also versatile. For example, how designer lighting from Authentage looks depends on the light in the home.

Various alternatives of design lighting at Authentage

The collections LIT, Q-BRI, BELLEFEU and ALB MATISSE stand for design lighting that fits into sleek interiors. With the LIT, the focus is fully on the design and ease of use. The Q-BRI also brings a pared-down yet striking form, precisely because all ballast has been removed from the design. BELLEFEU are all eye-catchers with an exclusive look. They are environmentally friendly as they work with LED lighting and no fine dust is created. In addition, they are very innovative. The TUBELUM, ECLIPS and MARRON Tubelum, Eclips and Marron spots also fit into this picture. In general, our lighting has just that little bit extra. This ensures a beautiful look in your interior. The Authentage fixtures are real eye-catchers.

Design lighting with assembly in Belgium

Authentage stands for handmade lighting. The assembly of the lamps is done in Belgium. As an interior designer, you call upon our design lighting for the design of restaurants and hotels, but also for residences and homes. Customization is always possible with our design lighting. Together with you, we look at the possibilities and we are happy to help you find the ideal solution for your project. Are you a private person looking for unique and handmade lighting, you can use our store locator to find the nearest store. See you soon!