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Authentage: handmade and designed in Belgium countrystyle lighting

Countrystyle lighting and Authentage are a perfect combination. Our lighting scores well in rural homes. Do you live in an authentic rural setting, or does your home fit in with the more modern cottage style? Then you can rest assured: Authentage fixtures fit perfectly into the picture of any country home.

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Countrystyle lighting from Authentage contrasts beautifully with natural and warm colors

Characteristic of rural homes are the beige and white tones, which you combine with visible wood structures and furniture in warm-looking materials. Authentage's countrystyle lighting fits in nicely with these style elements and contrasts with them at the same time. All fixtures from Authentage fall under the term countrystyle lighting. This goes from modern rural to classic rural interiors and exteriors.

Handmade quality fixtures that fit into a philosophy of rural living

Typical for the countrystyle lighting of Authentage is that it is handmade. The design is Belgian and the assembly is also done in their own country. This fits perfectly with the authentic philosophy of rural living in Belgium. We combine timeless and high quality materials with the most recent lighting technology for our countrystyle lighting. Thanks to our lighting you can make your home warm and cozy when it starts to get dark outside. So you can enjoy your day longer. In the evening, when it is completely dark, enjoy the unique atmosphere that countrystyle lighting from Authentage creates. Accent lighting in your living room or functional lighting in a kitchen or office space, it's all possible with a country touch at Authentage.

Lighting is important in any rural interior

Lighting is an important element in any countrystyle interior. Rural homes are all about authenticity, warmth and coziness. Our fixtures provide the desired warm light at any time of day, immediately creating an inviting and familiar atmosphere.

Different types of fixtures in our countrystyle lighting range

You can rely on Authentage for any type of countrystyle lighting. Think for example of hanging lamps, table lamps or floor lamps. Authentage countrystyle lighting is therefore more than just decoration, it is an essential part of a home that gives the rustic style that little extra.

Exclusive countrystyle lighting for indoors and outdoors from Authentage

The countrystyle lighting from Authentage can be extended throughout the concept of your home. Beautiful rustic lighting for your dining room and living room speak for themselves, but with us you will also find the perfect fixtures for your bedroom and hallway or for the exterior of your home.

Bronze is the most popular color for countrystyle lighting

Typical for countrystyle lighting from Authentage are the warm colors. The standard color is bronze. Fixtures in this hue look like black, but when you look closer, you see a bronze hue. Bronze is the perfect match for interiors that use a lot of wood. If you prefer a different shade, check out the fixtures in brushed nickel, chrome or polished brass.

As an interior designer or garden architect, order your countrystyle lighting at Authentage

As an interior designer, garden architect, lighting store and installer, you can buy lighting for any project from Authentage. We are happy to give you advice on the possibilities for rural lighting in every home. So you create a total country look for your home with Authentage as a partner for lighting. If you are responsible for the design of residential projects or hotels and restaurants, we are happy to offer you our expertise.