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Bathroom lighting: atmospheric and functional

Your bathroom is more than just the place where you wash and get ready for a new day. It's a place where you want to enjoy comfort, warmth and a touch of luxury. So when you are decorating your bathroom, choose the right bathroom lighting. Good lighting for the bathroom creates both atmosphere and appropriate brightness. Depending on the incidence of light in the bathroom, you can choose for example for bathroom lighting in the ceiling, for mirror lighting or for wall lights. It is all possible with the Belgian quality fixtures from Authentage!

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What should you look for when choosing bathroom lighting?

Lighting in the bathroom has to be atmospheric and functional, but it also has to be sufficiently safe. After all, there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom when you take a shower or a bath.Choose light fittings that are resistant to water and moisture and make sure that you install your lighting in a safe place in your bathroom.

Choose the right fixtures for your bathroom lighting

If you choose the right fixtures, you can do anything. For example, combine ceiling spots for general lighting with a wall light for added atmosphere. Or use wall-mounted spotlights to create a luxurious and timeless feel in your bathroom.

Mirror lighting for a warm accent in your bathroom

A special place in bathroom lighting is reserved for spotlights above your mirror. Depending on the incidence of light and the position of the sun, you may find yourself standing in your own shadow. A solution for this is lighting above the mirror. These can be spotlights above the mirror or painting lighting.

Create the desired atmosphere in the bathroom with well-chosen light fittings

A rule of thumb when choosing the right lighting in the bathroom is to choose indirect lighting because there are several places where light is needed. The indirect lighting then provides the basic lighting and direct light is placed above the shower or sink, for example. It is better to place several fittings that individually have a smaller light output than one large fitting.

What brightness do you choose for bathroom lighting?

When choosing light intensity, it is best to take into account that lighting above your mirror has sufficient light capacity and the light temperature is not too warm. So choose accent spotlights with a higher light output and lighting elements that emit a warm white colour.

Choosing bathroom lighting? Have a look at the range of Belgian lighting fixtures at Authentage

Do you want to buy bathroom lighting for your hotel or do you want to give your bathroom that extra touch? We also provide custom-made bathroom lighting according to your wishes. We design and manufacture our fixtures entirely in Belgium. They create warm light and the right lighting accents in your bathroom at any time. We combine timeless and high-quality materials with the latest lighting technology. Check out our range of bathroom lighting on our website, or feel free to contact us for more information!